What’s up everyone?  We found out some bad news the other day.  The powerlifting event that Norm and I were going to compete in was cancelled.  So now we’re training for an unknown…. Right now my plan is to do a Squat/Bench/Dead competition with Norm, myself, and maybe we can get Bryce and Justin to lift with us, and maybe any other friends we have.  I’d like to do some other made up events as well.  Thinking instead of Stone to shoulder, maybe keg to shoulder.  Stuff like that.  We’ll see and maybe we can get a live stream going for our 10s and 10s of listeners….


We are back from our trip to the Arnold Classic in Columbus.  What a fun time hanging out in Meathead Central for a weekend.  We recap our trip in the latest episodes of the Brocast.  Be sure to give them a listen.  We’ll be back next year with 100% certainty that we’ll be competing in the double deadlift.  And if not that, there are about a million other things to try to qualify for.  I think I have the jump rope title in the bag if I try!  Thanks for stopping by, and be sure to give us a listen, a follow on the social medias, and some love where ever you can give us 5 stars.

pitter patter….

We are Live!

What’s up No Sleeve Nation.  We’re glad to see you found us.  Right now it’s the day after Christmas and I (Puck) had a couple minutes to start getting something up on the website.  Naturally, I had to change my password before I even logged in once because I had already lost it.  The technical side of the brocast is not our strong suit.  If you listen, you already know that.  Hopefully in the future we can get some media and pics up here so you see whats up.  We’ll always have plenty to talk about and at the end of February we’ll be heading to Columbus for the Arnold Classic.  Stay tuned!